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hyperPad is making waves in the tech world 🌊 Our users around the world of all ages have been using hyperPad to do amazing things! 

Over the years, our fantastic app has been making headlines in various articles, blogs, and forums. Here’s the breakdown of the best of them! 

The 16 articles about hyperPad: 

9to5toys: This article recognized hyperPad as one of the best iOS app deals. It's a clear testament to the app's popularity and value in the iOS ecosystem. If you're a deal-hunter, hyperPad is a gem you shouldn't miss.

Apollo.io: This platform is all about business insights. The fact that hyperPad is being tracked indicates that our app is gaining recognition in the professional world. Businesses and investors are taking notice of hyperPad's potential.

Apprecs: Here, hyperPad's visual coding capabilities on the iPad are lauded. It's not just about coding; it's about making coding more accessible, especially for a younger generation. Learning through fun and engaging experiences is what hyperPad is all about.

Apptopia: Being recognized for intelligence in the app world is no small feat. Apptopia is a trusted source for app data and analytics!

Code.org: hyperPad's presence on Code.org's resources emphasizes its role in teaching kids to code. This aligns with the broader movement to make coding education more accessible, and hyperPad is playing a vital part in it.

CNET: As a respected tech review site, CNET's feature of hyperPad for creating interactive games, apps, and prototypes solidifies the app's status as a valuable tool for developers and creatives.

EdTech Review: Recognizing hyperPad's role in empowering teachers to teach programming to kids showcases its significance in the education sector. We are not just an app; we are a tool for shaping the next generation!

Global Game Jam: Partnering with hyperPad is a clear indicator of its relevance in the gaming world. Game developers are always turning to hyperPad to bring their visions to life.

Hour of Code: This widely recognized platform features a hyperPad project, demonstrating its practical use in teaching coding and game development. It's a clear endorsement of hyperPad's educational potential.

Giveaway of the Day: Featuring hyperPad on this platform allowed our app to reaching a wider audience, allowing more people to experience its creative power.

Mac Observer: Clearly shows how easily hyperPad simplifies coding in the classroom - and that’s a big deal! This is an endorsement from a trusted source about our app's potential to revolutionize education.

MacRumors: The presence of hyperPad on MacRumors' forum indicates that the app has made its mark in the Apple community. Users discuss, share experiences, and seek advice on how to maximize our potential.

Medium: The interview with Murtaza Saadat, CEO of hyperPad delves into the future of emerging technologies. This spotlights our app as a player in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Reddit: The hyperPad Reddit page is a bustling community where users interact, share tips, and showcase their projects. It's a hub for the global community of hyperPad enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

Wealth of Geeks: Being featured here recognizes hyperPad's significance in the tech and gaming industry. It's a nod to our app's impact on the gaming world and beyond.

Y-Combinator: hyperPad's listing on Y Combinator, a renowned startup accelerator, acknowledges our entrepreneurial journey. It is a testament to how others have recognized hyperPad's potential for growth and innovation.

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With hyperPad popping up in so many places, our app is not just a tech tool; it's a tech sensation! 🌟 And if you haven’t heard already - we’ve got more cool programs and events coming soon! Especially following our amazing partnership with QS Impact global charity.

Learn more about some of our amazing hyperPad users now! You can start creating your own app wonders when you download hyperPad today 📱💥

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