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Guide to Native Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you ready to turbocharge your hyperPad experience? Dive into the world of efficiency with our native keyboard shortcuts designed to make your editing and creation process smoother than ever. Here's a comprehensive guide to unleashing the power of shortcuts within the hyperPad editor.

General Shortcuts

⌘ + R: Reset screen position.

⌘ + P: Play project.

UP Arrow: On number fields  increase at pointer position.

DOWN Arrow: On number fields  decrease at pointer position.

Scene Editor Shortcuts

⌘ + C: Copy objects.

⌘ + V: Paste objects.

⌘ + X: Cut objects.

⌘ + Z:  Perform an undo.

⌘ + Shift + Z:  Perform a redo.

⌘ + ]:  Cycle next aspect ratio.

⌘ + [:  Cycle previous aspect ratio.

Delete:  Delete object.

⌘ + M:  Mirror object.

⌘ + W:  Exit Current Window.

⌘ + Shift + B:  Open global behaviors.

⌘ + UP Arrow:  Switch to the next layer.

⌘ + DOWN Arrow:  Switch to the previous layer.

⌘ + L:  Show / Hide Current Layer.

⌘ + G:  Show / Hide Grid.

⌘ + A:  Add Object.

Object Properties Shortcuts

⌘ + D:  Duplicate object.

⌘ + E:  Edit Collisions.

ARROWS:  Fine Precision Objects.

⌘ + B:  Edit Behaviors.

F:  Sets the object in "free transform" mode.

R:  Edit rotation value.

X:  Edit object X position.

Y:  Edit object Y position.

Z:  Edit object Z order.

Shift + X:  Edit object X scale.

Shift + Y:  Edit object Y scale.

⌥ + X:  Edit object X anchor.

⌥ + Y:  Edit object Y anchor.

V:  Toggle object visibility.

⌘ + R (object properties):  Rename object.

Palette Modes: 

Object Properties

1:  Pan mode.

2:  Box select mode.

3:  Transform mode.

4:  Stamp mode.

Palette Modes 

Collision Editor

1:  Pan mode.

2:  Box select mode.

3:  Circle mode.

4:  Square mode.

5:  Polygon mode.

6:  Insert Points mode.

7:  Erase Mode.

Behavior Editor Shortcuts

⌘ + F:  Go to behavior search.

⌘ + D:  Duplicate behavior.

⌘ + Shift + D:  Duplicate behavior tree.

Delete:  Delete behavior.

Shift + Delete:  Delete behavior tree.

R:  Open selected behavior documentation.

⌘ + R (behavior properties):  Rename behavior.

D:  Disconnect behavior.

A:  Toggle active state  enable / disable behavior.

Now that you have the keys to unlock hyperPad's full potential, dive in, and let your creativity flow without the hassle. Happy creating! 🚀✨

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